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Stockage objet 🇫🇷 compatible AWS S3, indestructible, illimité et distribué

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By using unused space from your computers and servers, gain up to 80% of free storage space already available, your storage cost will strongly decrease, thanks to Ugloo!

Governance in your hands 👨‍✈️

Your data (fragments and redundancy) are stored exclusively in your infrastructure, whether in your datacenters, at ones of public Cloud providers, or hybrid.

Easy to manage

Thanks to its API, Ugloo connects in a breeze to your existing software and is easily managed with its centralized Web interface.

Indestructible storage

Redundancy and automatic check/rebuild of fragments provide you with a lifetime guarantee of your data, with an unrivaled level of security

Elastic storage

Genuinely compatible with AWS S3 object storage technology, Ugloo can store an infinite number of objects up to 50 TB in size per object.

Distributed architecture

With its patented DeepTorrent technology, Ugloo decentralizes the whole storage of your data whatever the topology of your infrastructures.

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Latest news

Ugloo jumps into top 15 French data protection startups

Since 2019, Ugloo has been in the top 15 French data protection startups according to WaveStone's CyberSecurity Innovation Radar.

New features

Marketing strategy

Versatile when used, Ugloo also uses versatile marketing methods.

A solution that feets Cloud Service Providers needs

Ugloo reached several 🇫🇷 CSP to develop functionalities these specific stakeholders require.


Ugloo strengthened its observability harness, to offer the most relevant metrics and enable better management of the cluster activity.