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Stemming from university research work, Ugloo developed DeepTorrent
a patented distributed, decentralized and immutable storage technology, extension of the BitTorrent protocol.


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With its patented DeepTorrent™ technology, Ugloo decentralizes the whole storage of your data whatever the topology of your infrastructures.​
DeepTorrent is an extension of the BitTorrent protocol, to meet the specific needs of Ugloo.

BitTorrent protocol is OpenSource. It remains the solution with the largest network of storage nodes in the world.

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file storage protocol, which allows the storage, sharing and distribution of large files by requesting peers who have a copy of said files (all or parts).
The identification of these peers is done dynamically.


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After encryption, each S3 object is divided into up to 255 fragments. These fragments are scattered across all the nodes available on the cluster.​
Erasure Coding is a data protection method that divides data into fragments; developed and quantified. These contain redundant data elements and are stored on different sites or storage media. The goal is to be able to reconstruct data that was corrupted during the disk writing from information stored in other locations in the cluster.

Redundancy and automatic check/rebuild of fragments provide you with a lifetime guarantee of your data, with an unrivaled level of security.


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At any time, the capacity and performance of the cluster can be reviewed (upwards or downwards) by adjusting the number of disks, the number of nodes, without interruption of service.

The distribution of fragments is then done automatically, in background, without reconfiguring the erasure code.


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BitTorrent est natively designed for heterogeneous and hostile network infrastructures.

The Ugloo software components are deployed as Docker containers.
Ugloo will then work whatever the topology of your infrastructures: