A lock on data

Ugloo offers indestructible storage:
resilient, multi-site, encrypted, decentralized and immutable.

Data encryption

Ugloo implements state-of-the-art data encryption.

Transit encrpytion

At-rest and cluster-wide transit encryptions

Data is encrypted when its written in the cluster.
UGLOO SSE is compatible with AWS Server-Side Encryption features and API and supports the following encryption policies:

at-rest encryption schema

Double immutability

Cryptolocking ransomware is no match for the data stored in Ugloo. Each version of an object has double immutability:

Double immuability

Security audit on BitTorrent protocol

Ugloo relies on libtorrent open source library. Onto which a security audit has been performed at the end of 2020, ordered by Mozilla Open Source Support Awards et performed by include security.

libtorrent logo