Cloud Service Provider

The Ugloo team reached several 🇫🇷 Cloud Service Providers
to enrich the software with essential functionalities these specific stakeholders require.

White label sales

In order to make the solution available to its end customers while requiring as little integration as possible, the Ugloo interface can be configured in the colors of your company.

Multi-tenancy / service accounts

Cloud Service Providers specifically need:

To do so, Ugloo offers a feature where each client has its dedicated tenant and is technically isolated from other tenants.
Service accounts allow each tenant to be managed and used in isolation.

Pay-as-you-go billing

The latest enriched observability features make it possible to very closely monitor the uses and consumption of each user, each tenant:

These detailed metrics allow each Cloud Service Providers to build their invoicing model as they wish (see Observability).

Pricing either in subscription mode (OPEX) or acquisition mode (CAPEX)

On the other hand, as a Ugloo customer, the Cloud Service Provider can choose to be billed either in subscription mode (OPEX) or in acquisition mode (CAPEX), in order to best optimize its commercial strategy, and its own cash flow (see Sales strategy).