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A solution that feets Cloud Service Providers needs

Ugloo reached several 🇫🇷 CSP to develop functionalities these specific stakeholders require.
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Marketing strategy

Versatile when used, Ugloo also uses versatile marketing methods.
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DeepTorrent™ distributed storage protocol

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Ugloo developed DeepTorrent, a patented distributed, decentralized and immutable storage technology, an extension of the BitTorrent protocol.
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Indestructible storage

features deeptorrent
Ugloo offers indestructible storage: resilient, multi-site, encrypted, decentralized and immutable.
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Ugloo strengthened its observability harness, to offer the most relevant metrics and enable better management of the cluster activity.
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Storage backend for backup software

Veeam, Comvault, Rubrik, Atempo : Ugloo is certified as an S3 backend storage for the main backup and archiving software on the market.
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Compatible with medical imaging DICOM protocol and PACS

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Ugloo is natively compatible with DICOM, the medical imaging standard.
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AWS S3-compatible object storage

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Based on a fork of MinIO, Ugloo is a distributed object storage fully compatible with AWS S3 APIs.